Clermont woodworking is located just east of Cincinnati, Ohio and is easily accessed from anywhere in the tri-state area. This 5,000 square foot facility is in an industrial park and is equipped for most any level of woodworking needs. Every project starts at the drafting table where plans and ideas are committed to paper. Following the design, wood is selected and matched to produce the most pleasing appearance before construction actually begins. Once construction starts, wood works its way through the thickness planer and jointer as each component is dimensioned. From there, any number of tools are used to shape and "work" the wood. These tools include, but are not limited to, band saws, table saws, routers, vacuum presses for making veneers, shapers, and sanders. After construction and final sanding, each piece is fully assembled and checked for quality. After this inspection, hardware is removed as are the doors and backs which facilitate the addition of color (if desired) and clear coats. After hand rubbing the finish, each piece is carefully assembled, packed, delivered and installed in the clients home or place of work. Only then is the project truly competed.

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